PR Events for Real Estate PR Experts

PR events are an important part of effective public relations. If you are in the communications business or know someone who is, you’ve probably had to arrange PR events yourself at one time or another. Sometimes, it can be particularly tough on the public relations department. But don’t despair – there are ways to ensure that your PR team is able to plan the perfect event.

What is PR?

Public relations (or PR) is the art and science of promoting your company, product, nonprofit or political initiative. Learning about and attending PR events is part of this process. It’s important that your PR professionals are up to date on the latest trends in the public relations field. That’s why we have compiled a list of our favorite upcoming PR events. Check out the following list, arranged by the calendar.

April – “New Journalism” PR events include a National Geographic Show on PR, a forum on Capitol Hill with members of Congress and a Town Hall meeting on media coverage in the PR world. “New Journalism” will feature correspondents Amy Wilkinson and Tom Phillips, among others. At the event, journalists may even pitch an idea for a new segment for their TV show. Tom Paine, a noted public speaker and essayist, may appear on the same platform.

May – “atism” The main thrust of ” conservatism” PR events is to promote conservative causes and candidates. “Ideology: It’s Not All About Politics” will feature former Rep. Ron Paul, as well as prominent pundits from the Tea Party movement and more. There will also be a question-and-answer session. Journalists can pitch an interesting perspective on the issues, and the various conservative ideas that are not likely to gain much mainstream media coverage. This sort of media coverage is highly favorable for any conservative cause.

June – “PR for Real Estate” This is the summer for PR events focusing on real estate. As more houses are on the market, journalists need to find more effective ways to get their stories out. Several real estate firms are holding PR events this summer. The “American Housing Renaissance Fund” will have a PR event focusing on housing – how to get media contacts, where to send messages and how to pitch. Other real estate PR events include a PR event focusing on the ongoing federal stimulus plan.

August – “Social Media Downturn” Although the economic recession may have dented public relations, there is still hope in the realm of PR. The “Summer of Social Media” will feature several speakers at various conferences on social media and how to get media contacts out to the public. These speakers include Kayvan Sabean, director of communications for the National Hispanic Foundation; Amy Waterman, co-founder and CEO of ColorRunners; Chris Wilson, an attorney that specializes in public relations and social media; and Brittany Mayes, a MTV producer and public relations expert. Additionally, there will also be a PR event focusing on PR companies. Several well-known PR companies – Ketchum, Weber Shandwick, and Hill staffers will be attending the event to discuss what’s happening within the PR world.